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0.35 micron libraries

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globalcad 0.35um library
globalcad is under an active and aggressive qa and improvement plan. customers are advised to consult with a hjtc account manager on globacad ip and design services.

standard cell and i/o

  • 450 cells
  • silicon proven
  • accurate timing characterization
  • support most of the eda tools
  • optimized for cadence and synopsys place & route tools
  • high routing density, rout ability, high speed and low power
  • routable for 3,4,5 metals
  • 3.3v, 5v i/o
  • drive strength 4,8,12,16, and 24 ma
  • latch up performance: 500 ma
  • esd protection: 2.5kv hbm
  • low leakage current

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0.35-micron brouchure
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