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hj facts

2018, aug.




hejian has been awarded "china quality credit enterprise "by china entry-exit inspection and quarantine association, ciqa.


hejian has been certificated "advanced enterprise in china aeo recognition "by nanjing customs.

2018, aug.

hejian successfully acquired "the certification of iso 27001:2013 information security management system.

2014, oct.

hejian has been certificated sony gp.

2014, apr.

hejian has been certificated iecq qc 080000:2012.

2013, mar.

hejian won sipac's annual "promoting ecological civilization advanced units" award for 2012.

2012, may

hejian family day happy carnival

2012, jan.

hejian、chingis and andes jointly promote mcu solution

2011, dec.

hejian has been awarded "advanced enterprise in sip public accumulation fund participation in 2011"

2011, aug.

hejian donates grants for the impoverished students in xingyuan charity activity

2011, jul.

hejian has been qualified as aa class enterprise by general administration of customs

2011, mar.

loving care program --spring outing in taihu wetland park

2010, sep.

hejian signed contract of 3g enterprise application project

2010, aug.

hejian endowed twenty impoverished students in the donation for the 2010 charity scholarship raised by suzhou industrial park charity federation

2010, jul.

hejian has been awarded " advanced enterprise in sip public accumulation fund participating in 2010".

2010, apr.

hejian donates ten thousand yuan for earthquake stricken area in yushu county qinghai

2010, mar.

hejian has obtained the intellectual property innovation award in 2009, granted by sip intellectual property bureau.

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